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Hoy se ha anunciado el lanzamiento de una nueva actualización para NBA PLAYGROUNDS muy deseada por todos los jugadores. Si hace pocos días se anunciaba el lanzamiento en Steam hoy podemos descargar la versión 1.1 para Playstation 4. Ahora podremos desafiar a otros jugadores y amigos en el nuevo modo Challenge mediante el uso de unos códigos, tendremos un nuevo sistema de gestión de la conexión y se penalizará a los jugadores que se desconecten de los partidos. A parte se ha reajustado diferentes parámetros de los tiros, mates y triples , y además se ha añadido una barra de tiro muy demandada entre los usuarios.

Por último han anunciado 15 nuevos jugadores entre los que se encuentran Isaiah Thomas o Dennis Rodman y como siempre se podrán desbloquear  a través de los paquetes obtenidos durante los torneos y partidos.

A continuación os dejamos los detalles de otras modificaciones:

  • Added: The Challenge Mode feature, which allows you to challenge other players to online matches
    — You can now switch between unranked challenges and ranked games in the online mode
    — To challenge another player, you must switch to the challenge mode in the online menu and define a challenge code. By default, your challenge code is your nickname, but you can change it to your own, personal code. The person you are challenging must enter your code.
    — If you have been challenged, please enter your challenger’s code and press “Accept”.
    — All challenges are unranked and your ranking/ELO will be unaffected by the results of the challenge.
  • Added: Toxicity system/Disconnection Manager, which penalizes players who abandon matches in any other way than surrendering
  • Added: 5 new versions of Shaquille O´Neal in various teams from his career (Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, Orlando Magic)
  • Added: 15 new players join the roster
    — The following players were added: Dennis Rodman, Isaiah Thomas, Larry Bird, Giannis Antetokoumnpo, Kenny Smith, Gary Payton, Klay Thompson, Devin Booker, Tony Parker, Kemba Walker, Seth Curry, Tiny Archibald, John Starks, Tracy McGrady, Pete Maravich
  • Added: A shot-meter was added to help finding the perfect timing for shots, dunks etc. The shot-meter can be disabled in the options and it takes the distant to the hoop and the player’s statistics into consideration.
  • Added: ‘International English’ with metric units was added as default language in case none of the supported languages is the user’s native system language

Notable Changes:

  • Adjusted: Shots were adjusted to make the system more accessible and unified throughout all variations
  • Adjusted: Timing for layups and 2-pointers from under the hoop was adjusted. Layups are now easier to perform, and players with low stats for 2-pointers are slightly better than before
  • Adjusted: The steal action was adjusted to better fit the intended gameplay
    — It is now possible to perform a steal action when behind an opponent
  • Changed: The Stars Lottery Pick will only be awarded if a team is at least 6 points behind
  • Changed: 3 pointers no longer fill lottery pick bar
  • Improved: Rebounding accuracy improved
  • Improved: The online matchmaking algorithm
  • Increased: The duration of the 3 points x2 Lottery Pick was increased
  • Increased: The difficulty of 3 pointers was increased
  • Reduced: The duration of the Stars Lottery Pick was reduced
  • Reduced: The number of steals required for the Las Vegas Challenge Nr.2 was reduced to 10 (was 15)
  • Reduced: The number of 3-pointers needed for the Paris Challenge Nr.4 was reduced to 6 (was 7)
  • Reduced: The number of 3-pointers needed for the London Challenge Nr.1 was reduced to 6 (was 10)
  • Reduced: The number of 3-pointers needed for the Las Vegas Challenge Nr.3 was reduced to 8 (was 12)
  • Reduced: The inbound time was reduced to adjust it to the overall style of the game

Notable Fixes:

  • Fixed: An issue that occasionally caused the ‘Lighting Ball Lottery Pick’ not to score from longer distances was fixed
  • Fixed: A misspelling of a player’s name was corrected
  • Fixed: An issue that prevented users from seeing off-screen markers sometimes was fixed
  • Fixed: Several desynch issues in bad network connection scenarios were addressed
  • Fixed: A problem where a dunk could score after the match ended was solved
  • Fixed: Several problems that made the ball getting stuck on the top of the backboard were fixed
  • Fixed: A problem that prevented the ball from stop spinning after scoring was fixed
  • Fixed: A problem in which failed dunks could score if the teammate was performing an alley-oop was fixed
  • Fixed: Issues related to the strength of the force feedback effects were addressed



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